Travel Souvenirs You Can Buy During Your Dubai City Tour

Souvenirs is one way to remember your awesome trip. For some travelers, it is just unnecessary to their baggage and an additional to their Dubai City tour package cost. But bring home a thing or two from your trip would not only remind you how great your adventure was, but an also an added item to your collection.

If you are planning a Dubai City tour in the near future, take note of these souvenirs so you can buy them when you are on your trip:


  • Camel Stuff Toy

These would be an ideal travel present for your kids. It may look a little cheesy but kids would definitely love to have a plush camel toy to add to their mounting stuff toy collection and they are quite easy to carry and will not add much weight into your baggage, unless you bought tons of them. And the good news is, you will not a hard time looking for this one. Lots of stalls and souvenir shops sell stuff toy souvenirs to tourists and travelers. Just be sure to get the quality ones.


  • Silk scarves

Scarves are not only travel essential but also a fashion statement. If want to add something unique to your scarf collection, then having one from Dubai would be a worthy addition. Scarves being offered and sell in Dubai stalls and mall are one-of-a-kind as they are handmade by skilled weavers and the designs are to die for. Your fashionista would surely thank you if you give them this travel present.


  • Khanjars

Khanjars or curved knife is also one of the most popular souvenirs being offered to tourist. The knife itself is a work of art but the intricate cover which feature the rich tradition of Bedouin heritage would catch your eyes. Most of these daggers are crafted in silver or in gold. But before buying this, be sure to know the rules on handing such items. Ask your tour guide or consult with a customs official to know the process of bringing such items.


  • Stunning piece of jewelry

The Gold Souk is a famous attraction, especially for jewelry lovers. An array of stalls would offer you different kinds of pieces made of gold. Do not miss a chance to take home an authentic Dubai jewelry that you could pair with you outfits at home.


  • Camel milk chocolate

Chocolates are your run-on-the-mill travel present and you can usually buy these at the airport. But when you are in Dubai, try to bring home something different. A camel chocolate would be a great alternative to the usual chocolates offered by any stores.

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