Apply for Australian Immigration from Dubai

The United Arab Emirates has been serving a large number of expats as a second home for the past many decades but now the skills professional class has started looking for more options to further their career and materialize their lifelong plans. Australia has emerged as one of the most favorite destinations for these people. Australia is a country which offers all the nationalities equal working and studying opportunities, which has turned it a hot cake for the people who are seeking to settle abroad. Dubai is a great place to live and work for most of the people living there but the lack of the option of permanent residency and citizenship is something which is inspiring the youth and the skilled professionals to look for immigration options in countries like Australia and Canada where they can settle with their families. The Australian immigration consultants in Dubai have been providing consultancy services to these individuals for the past many years. If you want to obtain information, you may click on the link to know more.


The Australian Skilled Migration Visa is a three-staged process. Following are the three stages.

  1. Australia is a competitive job market which is always on the lookout for skilled professionals to cater to the needs of the local companies. The Australian government has issued a Skills Occupation List which has almost all the occupations which are in high demand in the country. If you want to apply under the Skilled Migrant Category, you should possess the skills mentioned in the list. Try contacting a reliable consultant who will walk you through the list and give you the set of advantages of applying for the Australian immigration in a particular skills category.
  2. The Australian immigration authorities calculate your eligibility through a points system. If you’re looking to immigrate to Australia, you need to have enough points to come into the range which qualifies you for the immigration to the amazing land of opportunities. These points are based on your age, work experience, trade, occupation, and your English language ability. You may score additional points if you have close or blood relatives living in Australia, or even if you have previously attended an Australia-based educational program. Moreover, you also get points if one of the Australia states sponsor you with the need to hire people with your skills set.


There are three Skilled Migration Visa categories for the people who wants to immigrate to Australia.

  • Skilled Independent Visa (189)
  • Skilled – Nominated Visa (190)
  • Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored Visa (489)


Moreover, you may also get information from the Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, if you want to immigrate to Canada.