Long-Term Marriage: How To Keep It Fresh & Exciting

Most couples who are pass the honeymoon stage are having a hard time bring back the passion and the giddy feeling their felt when they are still newly married. They go through their relationship everyday like a chore and consider it a work.

Although it is true that couples need to exert an effort to make their relationship last, it doesn’t mean that it has to feel like work. Experts in marriage counselling in Dubai shared some valuable tips on how to bring back the love and the sweet feeling:

  • Take good care of yourself

It may sound a little superficial, but as couple’s age, they tend to forget about their looks and appearances. This can put a strain in a relationship, especially if one party feels that they are being neglected due to their looks and age. Avoid this confrontation by taking good care of yourself. Pamper yourself and focus on your health and well-being. If necessary, go to a physiotherapy center in Dubai for a complete medical workup.

Both partners would need to make an effort to remind each other the fine qualities that make them fall in love with each other, whether it is the physical looks or the attitude.

  • Be kind to each other

As the relationship matures, couples discover unlikely traits from their partners that they don’t know until they are married. Little things like leaving the toilet seat up or not taking out the trash can get to your nerves. As much as you want to lash out to your partner, don’t. Instead, remind him/her gently to do it. Being kind, even in the most infuriating situation can be hard, but it can definitely make the relationship last.

  • Take some time out

Busy couples find it hard to squeeze in some quality time since they have obligations to fulfill. I the end, the relationship become all about bills and fulfilling responsibilities. Sharing a time together would remind both of you that there is life beyond obligations, especially as a couple. Try to schedule a free time away from work, your kids, and your responsibilities.

  • Be intimate

Being intimate is not just about making love. There are other ways to show intimacy outside the bedroom. Simple gestures like holding hands and giving goodnight kisses can be considered as a form of intimacy. Do not ever forget to do these little rituals with your partner. A simple kiss or a single hug can make a huge difference in an aging relationship.