Energy boosting diet without gaining weight

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most glamorous regions in the world where you would get to see and meet many celebrities, and fashion tycoons very often. According to its highly competitive professional environment, people maintain their lifestyle and diets to look gorgeous and stunning on ramps and on red carpet events. Regular people like us idealize many celebrities and want attractive body and weight like them. Healthy energy diet in Dubai and other regions is a best solution for weight gain problems.


At different cafeterias and public places, you often hear these words “I am on dieting”. According to a research, 90 percent diets fail due to unrealistic goals. Many of us start a resolution and aim to eat less but end up eating more till afternoon or before evening. The main reason of this failure is feeling low energy to do our daily activities, tiredness, or mood swings which lead us to eat more junk food that we are actually trying to avoid.


This is why practitioners and diet planners not recommend crash diet for a longer run because it is not suitable and adoptable for anyone and they mostly end up with failure. Gaining or losing weight is not a few days’ process. As you gained weight with the passage of time, you should establish a realistic goal accordingly to lose those extra pounds. By changing your eating habits, activity levels and lifestyle, you can prepare a weight loss regime.


Following are some energy diet ideas which are easy and acceptable for a longer weight loss objective.


  1. Eat Green: green vegetables and leaves are a great source of iron, potassium and magnesium which means a truck full load of energy. Iron deficiency is more common in females during their fertility years which lead them to weakness, exhaustion, tiredness and lack of energy. One of every five women has this deficiency at age in between 20-49 and it is best to restore this shortage with natural food. Beans, lentils, spinach, and sesame seeds are a great source of iron and with vitamin C-rich foods the iron can be absorbed efficiently in our bodies.
  2. Food Combination Matters: balance in food intake is the key factor of optimized energy levels. Skipping any important proportion from your meal will decrease your body efficiency to respond to your dieting goals. Right food combination is;

Fruits or vegetables + Lean Protein + Plant Fat + whole grain + herbs and spices

  1. Big No to caffeine: Caffeine are not a source of energy but are stimulators who make you feel energies only few minutes to an hour but after that you face more fatigue and sleepiness because the stored energy is collapsed. Avoid your caffeine intake as much as possible to maintain any diet.
  2. Never Skip Breakfast: Breakfast time is the optimal storage time to energize your body. It should cover all the balanced combination of food.
  3. Natural rather processed: Processed foods are enriched with preservatives and chemicals which are toxic and make your liver perform extra work to break and eliminate them from your body. Start using organic and natural foods, real fruits but packet juices and preserved things.
  4. Diversification in options: Same food intake is like you are wearing same shirt daily or watching same episode of your favorite TV show. It’s human nature to ask different options then how it’s possible to continue the same meal every day. Change your meal intelligently and efficiently as per the needs of your body.
  5. Fat is important: fat from plants is considered a healthy option and helps people in losing weight rather gaining it. Almond and other nuts, canola, and olive oil are the best sources of good fat. Consume them it in the right proportion to get the best results.


Get more information and ideas from diet experts to create finest diet plan and achieve your goals.