Your Guide to the Different Types of Cladding Used In Construction

You must have thought of it once, why does the exterior of your house is in a good condition? Well, if you tried finding out the answer but couldn’t find it then you don’t need to worry, here you will get the answer of this question. The answer is Cladding, yes due to cladding the condition of your house remains same for years.

Cladding in UAE is done at every house so that the exterior looks great for several years. Cladding surely prevents all the bricks that soak up rain water. So, there is no damage cause to your house due to cladding.

If you are not aware about different types of cladding then you don’t need to worry, here you find the information related to different types of cladding.

Metal cladding

Metal cladding is a really good type of cladding. Right now, you must be thinking that when metal comes in contact with oxygen, it forms rust, well the metal cladding that is done by a professional company do everything to save the metal from rust. Metal cladding is quite cost effective; moreover, you don’t have to worry about things like corrosion.

If you are running low on budget then metal cladding is a way to go. Armor material is applied to the metal cladding so that it doesn’t catch rust.

Copper cladding

Previously we used to see copper bring used in the wires, now it is being used for cladding. Copper is budget friendly and now people going for the kitchens and bathroom of copper. Copper is being used to cover the exterior of the building. An amazing thing about copper is that you don’t need to apply any armor to it because it doesn’t catch rust.

Another great thing about copper is that it is cheaply available and quite thin. Copper cladding doesn’t allow dust, mites and molds to get settled. It saves your house at a greater scale.

Over cladding

Well this term might seem new to you, over cladding increases the resistance of the walls of your house. It gives your house strength against the weather, so the house remains maintained and over cladding doesn’t let it get damaged by the weather. If you don’t know what over cladding is then for your information it is the installation of another skin in the cladding. For more information related to cladding, click on read more