Writing a services page that converts to leads

The assumption that this post takes is that you understand the importance of a website for your service business in this technology-centric world.

There is a lot of interconnectedness when it comes to running a product business and a service business. The same overlap exists when writing about the same. There are many write-ups online that group for example writing a business plan for a service business and for a merchandise business. That is not always a good idea.

At the end of the day, how well you write the services page for your business contributes so much to how the business pans out so you might as well get it right and get the conversions you want from the get-go.

Service-driven businesses are all about trust. For merchandise, a dissatisfied customer can return the product and get a replacement or a refund but the stakes are higher when you are offering a service even if you guarantee satisfaction.

Of course, for both, the focus should be the value you offer the consumer. Qualifications and experience should only come to the forefront when you are marketing yourself.

Service providers span a range of industries working in very personal ways to serve their customers. Since consumers will by nature be more cautious, it is important to demonstrate that they can trust you to even make amends if things don’t go well.

When writing the services page;-

  • Pitch your service at the top

Potential clients will come to your website from different places. Some probably clicked on a link on social media and found you, others were maybe just bored in the office and others yet probably read a blog post they liked and followed the link to your website. Chances are, they do not know exactly what it is that you do and even if they did, it would not hurt to remind them.

This is why the first thing you should have at the top of the page is an overview of the services you are giving particularly highlighting their uniqueness. This sets the background against which they can interact with any other information on the website. However, don’t be too specific at this point as you risk being wordy instead, have the ideal customer in mind and tell them what they stand to gain.

  • Follow a scheme-able structure

A new visitor will probably start by reading the headings and lists on the page to see what captures them. Make this work for you.

Of course, no single structure always works for all services pages so just practice discretion.

  • Fill out the rest of the content

When filling out the spaces consider these tips; only give relevant details, be specific, know your buyer, be natural but concise and keep SEO in mind as you write.

  • Provide social proof

As earlier stated, marketing a service is a trust building exercise. Use testimonials for this. People are more likely to buy when they see that others have had a positive experience.

  • Call-to-actions are your friend

It only takes a moment for a visitor to decide their next course of action. Since you know what you would rather it be, use buttons to prompt the response you want.

Once you have their information and permission, you can follow up as appropriate. Remember, building a relationship over time can bring better business than a webpage no matter how expertly written.