What You Need To Know When Dealing With a Shipping Company

Selecting a reliable shipping company is crucial, especially for business owners. They need to have a logistics partner that would ensure the on-time delivery of their goods, and everything is intact and in perfect condition.

With a number of logistic companies offering their services, most business owners just feel overwhelmed and confused on this phase of selection. But listing down possible questions would help clarify some things and aids you on making a decision on which logistic company to select. Here are some essential things that you need to ask and now:

What shipping services they offer?

Shipping and logistics companies in Abu Dhabi offer different services. Before partnering with one, be sure to know the range of their services and if it is compatible with your shipping needs. The most common services that most of these logistics companies offer are freight management (ranges from air freight to road freight), custom clearance services and warehousing. The ideal setting would be having a logistics partner that has complete service in terms of freight since you might need to use all channels to deliver your good in the future. But you can add two or more specialized cargo companies on your list so you can have choices and options.

What tracking tools they are using?

Cargo services in Abu Dhabi have well-established links with different courier companies, especially when they are operating on a global scale. International packages and shipments will be handled by these partners. Usually clients are quite anxious about this process. To lessen the anxiety, cargo companies are using tracking tools to know the status of the shipment, which of the partners are now handling the goods, and when it will be delivered. If you are currently looking for a cargo shipping partner, be sure that the shipping companies has top notch tracking tools and if clients also have their own dashboard so they can track as well the status of their deliveries.

Is this holding facility up to standards?

When shipping packages, these goods are being put to storage and holding facilities for temporary safekeeping until the courier partner companies will pick it up for delivery. Aside from high standard shipping vessels, it is important that the holding facilities are up to standards. Although it will be just a temporary shelter of your goods, the facility should be secure and clean enough to prevent damage to the items stored inside.

Are your goods going to be insured?

Shipping companies include insurance to their services in case something unfortunate happens to the goods being shipped. The rate that this companies usually offers is per pound or per kilo. If you are currently on talks with prospective shipping company, it is vital ask what would the insurance covers and what would be the process of claiming this.

How much is the overall cost of shipment?

Most shipping companies would charge clients based on the kind of freight or shipments then ask for additional charges after the shipment. It would be best to ask for a complete breakdown so you will have an estimate on how much the overall cost would be – from the freight, handling, storage rentals, etc.