How to Win Over People with Your Window Display Design

Have you ever been to a mall and got captivated by the display that you are enthralled to buy the product? Or have you passed by a store and stop for a few minutes just to take a closer look on the products displayed on the window? If you are, then you are bitten by the creativity of the store’s window display.

Window displays serves as important role on making the store not only look great but also help on establishing the brand and the products and it serves as the visual calling card of your store. That is why is a must that storeowners invest time and budget on making sure that their window displays deliver a certified wow moment to their customers. It might be a little daunting but here are some tips to win people with your outstanding window display.


  1. Invest on a good storyline

A good story always captivates people and the same goes with window displays. You need to have a solid and captivating account that people would relate to. Always start with a theme and the occasion, from there draw some inspiration. For example, for a Mother’s Day theme, think of a story that would encapsulate the essence of the event and think how you can incorporate it on your window display. If there is no special occasion, then it is a chance for you to create one.


  1. Think of the key pieces

One mistake that most store owners commit is trying to include all the items on their window display. Overloading the display with products will only ruin the story that you want to relay. No need to clutter the space with loads of product since you will be constantly updating it to showcase items. Pick key items and pieces that goes will with the theme and concepts and arrange it in such way that relates the story but also showcase the brand and the products’ attributes.


  1. Go with technology to make it experiential

A lot of window display artist are trying to incorporate technology to make the display more interesting and interactive. People love this, especially if they feel that they can participate with the brand.  Try to experiment with technology and see how you can include this on your design. You can install a photobooth solutions to catch the attention of passersby and encourage them to share their experience on your window display or store.


  1. Incorporate light

Proper lighting is crucial for window display design. For one, it can set the mood of your window display design and drama to the space. It can also highlight the focal point of the design and highlight your products’ attributes. It goes to show that appropriate lighting should be on top of the list when you are designing a window display. You should think of how to strategically place the lights, how warm the color should be, and what parts of the design should be showcased using the lighting fixtures.


  1. Constantly update

Outdated window display design would definitely make your brand go unnoticed. As much as you can, update design and the theme. It would be best if you can create a separate calendar for updating your window designs. Be sure that the schedule will accommodate all phases – from conceptualization to implementation.


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