Contour like a celebrity with these simple tips

There is no denying the fact that celebrities look completely different than how we see them in the movies. The minute you see them without makeup, you will realize that it is just makeup and corrections that add to their looks. The simple idea behind their makeup is that contrast needs to be created by using contouring and highlighting. It is basically important for you to use a light shade highlighter over the parts of your face that you wish to show off most. A darker shade needs to be applied over the parts that you wish to tone down. If truth be told, thanks to the best contour kits that are available these days, contouring is no longer a hard task. Given below are some tips that are sure to make it easier for you:

1: Make use of two different shades of base

In order to get the right skin tone, make up experts suggest that you should apply the best foundation that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. This needs to be applied over the center of your face. This includes your nose, the middle of your forehead, chin and cheeks. The darker shade should be applied around the perimeter of your face.

2: Blend in the shades carefully 

For this, you will need to use a good quality foundation brush. Using it, blend in the two different shades that you have applied on your face as gently as possible. To create the right illusion of dimension and depth, make sure that you transition to the perimeter of the face from the center in a subtle manner.

3: Play around with highlights and contours

Experts suggest that you must mark out the areas of your face that you wish to contour. The best means of doing so is through a darker color brow gel pencil. These happen to be very concentrated. For this reason, you just need to add a few dark pigments over your temples, cheekbones, jawline, hairline, crease of your eyes and tip of your nose. Once that is done, make use of a cream highlighter over the center of your forehead, top of the cheekbones, chin and the bridge of your nose.

4: The final blend

Now, it is time for you to make use of a flat top dense brush to blend together both your highlights and contours. This is basically meant to bring together the two different shapes. If you are in a rush, then there are other makeup hacks that you can follow as well.