Benefits of Concrete Coring in Construction

Concrete coring is more than just drilling a hole into a concrete or slab. Nowadays, coring presents a number of benefits to construction and building structures and intricate civil engineering projects.

Whether piercing small holes for wirings to large openings for ducts, concrete coring is the way to go for drilling and here are the reasons why:

  1. Efficiency in time and in labor

The old ways of drilling holes on thick concrete can take up time, even a number of days depending on the thickness of the material and it need to be done by two or more laborers and contractor staff. But with concrete coring, the time spent on drilling holes is cut immensely which make the construction work faster and more efficient. And you contractors do not need more than one person to get the job done. Concrete coring machines can be operated by one person. The contractor doesn’t have to put too many hands to finish the drilling. Instead, he can assign these other laborers to do other work.


  1. Precision

Being clear-cut and accurate is important, especially when we are talking about construction of large structure. Every work should be done with precision, especially with the holes drilled in pile foundations to even distribute the weight of the structure and prevent building shifting. The cut, the size, and the depth should be precise according to the engineering team’s specification. That is the reason why lots of contractors are employing the help of a concrete coring company in Dubai to ensure that the holes are exact and precise to avoid any structural problems.


  1. Can drill to any materials

Buildings are not just made of concrete. Depending on the design, any materials can be used to build a structure. Old school way of drilling would have a hard time creating holes since they have to switch on different machines to drill on specific materials. Concrete coring can deal with any types of materials – from concrete to steel materials.


  1. Produced less noise and debris

Disposal cost took up a certain percentage in building a structure. Although the cost is minimum, contractors can save on disposal cost by using a state-of-the-art coring machine since it can drill holes with less debris. It is also good for the environment as it produces less noise and fragments.


  1. Maintains structural integrity

Outdated coring machine cause lots of vibration when used. Vibration can cause cracks on structure materials and compromise structural integrity. With new concrete coring materials, less vibration is produces which lessen the chances of producing cracks and structure damages.

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