Dubai night out with loved ones is always full of fun

The incredible and amazing city of Dubai shot to fame for its vibrant nightlife. It has much more to offer to spend amazing night time which is studded with a full doze of entertainment. The city is always ready to host the party goers in the most popular lounges, clubs and DJ parties. There are many clubs and bars which are available in Dubai and key advantage is that these are available even in hotels. All mixed gatherings can be seen from western and eastern societies and clubs are full with more or less crowd. Mostly clubs are packed on weekend nights like on Thursdays and Fridays and you may have to wait in lines for a little longer time. Many clubs, hotspots lounges offer the ladies night out on Thursdays with free entry and drinks. In the past, most of the bars and lounges had free entry, but things have changed in the recent past due to rush and immense public traffic, they now ask for charges up to 200 AEDs. If you’re on the quest to find the best club in Dubai, you can still look for the ones which offer free entry on ladies weekend nights.

Although the short dress codes are not allowed in the malls and public areas but miniskirts, and short dresses are normal wear in clubs and lounges. In fact, mostly bars allow the people to enter into the club who are dressed according to party requirements. The legal age allowed for drinks is 21 years in Dubai which needs to be strictly followed. For recognition purpose, visitors or tourists should be able to produce their passports or their IDs, albeit residents need to show their Emirates ID card or driving license. There is also an age restriction in some bars like few bars allow only people of age 25 or above so make sure while visiting any club that you meet their requirements whether it’s age or dress code.

There is zero tolerance while drinking and driving so always make sure you have your cab ready to pick you and drop at home when you are drunk as it is not allowed to drive in that condition, otherwise you have to face police or even guaranteed Jail time. Usually clubs are open from 10:00 PM to 3:00AM in morning but few bars close at 1:00am too. So for more details to have the best time with your friends and acquaintances you can always search for some of the best lounges in Dubai. Nothing is better than having a fun night in Dubai but only when you are following the rules of the club as well as laws of the country.