Hacks to Make Your Exhibition A Success

Staging an exhibition booth is a nerve-wracking experience. Organizers and booth exhibitors had shared a lot of horror stories on why their event did not meet their expectations. But for most of them, it is a learning experience and they got to improve their craft overtime.

As hard as it may sound, there are some ways to prevent these horrid stories from happening by simply knowing these hacks.

  1. Create social media noise

One mistake that most companies commit is not marketing their event well and merely rely on the visitors invited by the event organizers. This would lead to few booth visitors and less opportunities to make a sale. Boost your visits by making rounds on the social media about your upcoming participation on fairs and exhibition. The ideal timeline would be posting the information and the invite a month before the actual event and make countdown posts a few weeks or days leading to the date of the fair. This would inform your target audience about your upcoming stint and encourage them to visit your booth and avail your products and services.


  1. Make your exhibition booth a stand out

Creating a noise is one thing but piquing their curiosity on the actual event can be tricky. Do not disappoint your audience by creating a standout exhibition booth that they can enjoy. Based on your brand and offerings, create a booth concept that would capture your theme. A lot of exhibition stand contractors Dubai companies can help you create an out-of-the-box platform that would hook your target audience, so invest on hiring one.


  1. Be engaging

A standout booth is nothing if the staff is disengaged. Train your staff to interact with the audience and booth visitors. Brief them before the event so they would know what to do. Having a warm, friendly and accommodating staff would surely convince audience to visit your booth and increase your chances of making a sale on site. And it could be a plus point to your customer satisfaction ratings.


  1. Think about your giveaways

Giveaways is one of things that encourage visitors. But the usual giveaways might be frowned upon even it is free. Break away from the conventional and be creative on your giveaways. Give your visitors something memorable is the way. For example incorporating photo booths and photo apps on your exhibition design would invite visitors. You may consult your exhibition stand Dubai contractor on how you can implement this on the overall concept.



  1. Do a post-event update

Finish your event with a bang by giving post-event updates. Let your digital audience see what happened on your event and the fun that your booth visitors experienced. This can be a subtle invitation for them to attend your next events.